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Slowly but surely…

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We are still hanging in there. We have some releases in store for everyone COMING SOON. Life has been happening, so sorry for the long delay. If you are reading this, thanks for your continued support / time.  It has been hard to sustain this for as long as we have. There are so many […]

100me “Contemplation” Feat. Rekurve remix

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Howdy folks, We have had some technical difficulties to sort out over the last couple of months, so we apologize for the delay of this release. Let us assure you: it was worth the wait. 100me has graced us with a lovely tune to release called “Contemplation”. There is also a remix by Rekurve.  Please […]


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After a brief hiatus and technical difficulties, we come back with Rekurve, a serious breakbeat project by two serious fellows. This released back in December and it flew under the radar unfortunately, but we strongly urge you to take a peak at the links below to see what you are missing. With that being said, […]

Pheex and Unreal “DOOM” Feat. Loop Stepwalker remix..

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Transverse 021, 5 years later and we are slowly, but surely churning out tunes! We are proud to present this firing release. Please take a few minutes and check out our clips here on soundcloud. Thanks for your support! Peace! -TV crew Pheex and Unreal “DOOM” + remix by: Loop Stepwalker by transverse

Sylus – “Get Up” Feat. remixes: Deploy and Datapusher

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Sylus – Get Up by transverse We proudly present our second release featuring Sylus from the UK. Sylus brings us an effective neurobreak tune on this one. The rolling reese is accompanied with some speaker shattering leads. The hook is taken from the cult hip hop classic “simon says”. This will surely draw attention on […]

Dub Elements and Pheex

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Dub Elements and Pheex hailing from Spain join with Trans:verse to give you Tech Wreck and Zphere. Dub Elements has had an array of quality releases this year on the likes of LOT49. Then we have Pheex who has had some firing tracks out on Audiogore. This collaboration results in a mean and heavy peak […]

The Analogeeks!!!

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We would like to present the Analogeeks from France! This duo graced us with two phenomenal tunes: “Analogeek” and “Stupid Computer”. 2009 and 2010 has been different for Trans:verse, as we are striving to be more dynamic in musical tastes. This release personifies that transversing turn and this is not our average release. This is […]

Sylus “Grind” and “X Hed” (TVR017)

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Check out the release on beatport: Transverse presents Sylus on TVR017. He is a newcomer to breaks; however, Sylus is a UK drum and bass producer from South London who is now venturing into breakbeat. On this release there are 2 storming breakbeat tracks. Grind is the standout peaktime track. It grinds away with a […]

TVR016 I’ve Been Listening EP (out now!)

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The I’ve Been Listening EP featuring Chad Helenthal, Mars, Datapusher and TeknicB is out now. The Trans:verse 016 EP is transversing a new path with a heavy onslought of solid house tunes.  It’s a slightly different direction for this particular release, however, it’s the same quality you are to expect from T:V.  We hope you […]

Expanding our digital accessiblity…

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We are now on itunes. All future releases will be available at a lesser cost on the big vendors: itunes, emusic, rhapsody, yahoo music, amazon and napster…. Heres the link to one of the last XSSR releases on itunes. We love those crazy russians. Support indy music!!!! Much respect to all our supporters out there. […]

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