Trans:verse Records (TVR)

TVR001: Stormtrooperz “Coming Back” feat. remix by D-ranged
TVR002: Rektchordz
“Nothing More” and “Horror-Fi”
TVR003: Takomo “Invalid Protocol” and D-ranged “Killer Spiders”
TVR004: Zarbizarre Feat.3PM “Peyote” feat. remixes by: SOTEG / Datapusher and Modulus
TVR005: Stormtrooperz “Devil May Cry” feat remixes by: 30HZ / Cereal Killaz
TVR006: MkM and GbX “Hold it Down” feat. remix by: Specimen A / D-ranged
TVR007: Takomo “New Species” and “Planet 81″
TVR008: Stormtrooperz “Botza” and “Diablo”
TVR009: White Papoo “Carnivore” feat remixes by: Hostage / Stormtrooperz
TVR010: Double Negative “Roadworks” and Cereal Killaz “SubstanceD”
TVR011: White Papoo and Double Negative “Visions’ featuring remix: Karton
TVR012: Subtone, 4KUBA, Takomo and Dejar, and Mars.. Devious Dimensions Release.
TVR013: Xim N Bass
“Die” and “Prophets”
TVR014: The Phat Riderz RIP “The Guardian” and “Are you crypt?”
TVR015: Xim N Bass with Unreal “Nothing 2 Me” and “Burning Sky”
TVR016:  Ive Been Listening EP: Chad Helenthal, Datapusher, Mars, and TeknicB
TVR017: Sylus “Grind” and “XHed”
TVR018: The Analogeeks “Analogeek” and “Stupid Computer”
TVR019: Dub Elements and Pheex “Tech Wreck” and “Zphere”
TVR020:  Sylus “Get Up” Featuring Deploy and Datapusher remixes
TVR021: Unreal and Pheex “Doom” with Loop Stepwalker remix
TVR022: Loop Stepwalker and Subshock “Kill You” Feat MARS remix
TVR023:  Rekurve Get Busy EP
TVR024: Manion “Try to Believe” and “God Rant” Feat. Dro
TVR025: 100me “Contemplation” feat. Rekurve remix